Oh, woe be me!

Oh noes!! It burst in the wash. #woe

When Isabel was about a year old I visited a knick-knack shop in town and we found this pink pillow (it says: Here sleeps a princess. They had a blue one too.)
Isabel picked it up and gave it a huge hug .. with a still chocolatey mouth after an ice cream I had let her taste. (Thank God she didn’t kiss the blue one …)

So I had to get it, of course. It’s been washed and loved more times than I can count. Last night after she vomited in her bed I had to throw it in the was once more .. and when I took it out of the dryer it had burst.

I’m going to try and mend it. It will not be an invisible mend … I hope she’ll accept it anyway. Maybe I can just cut off the front and put it in a shadow box … That would be cute ….


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