Short on blogging

We had a slow and mellow January with not a lot of blogging going on.

There has been some cooking, some sewing and a lot of lounging in front of the television.

Our girls have discovered The Lord of the Rings movies and they don’t want to watch anything else these days.
Well – with the exception of the Harry Potter movies.

Some scenes are a bit icky and gruesome but they are pretty good about closing their eyes on their own. We do tell them not to look when Saruman falls from his tower onto that spiky wheel in the third movie.
But on the whole they enjoy the movies and it’s fun to have that together. (Both Rickard and I love them and have watched them multiple times.)

I have sewn cargo trousers for Sofia and two blouses and currently I’m working on grading the cargo trousers for Isabel. She’s grown so much none of the Oliver + S patterns fit her any longer.
This is the last time I grade one of them for her. I think it’s just easier to buy patterns closer to her size to begin with.
I should have a look at my Ottobre magazines. I hope I can find something that will fit her there.

February is coming up and we have a few birthdays to celebrate, among them my own. First up is my Mum though in a fortnight.


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