Fizzle and pop

Well, if January had been slow and mellow it ended with a bang .. or maybe just a slow fizzle.

When both girls were dressed and in the car on Wednesday morning, I locked up and we drove off to drop Isabel off at school.
I though the car felt weird and thought I had left the parking brake on, but after a quick stop to pull and release it the car still felt weird to drive.

This wasn't the plan for this morning.

Yeah – I was driving on a flat tyre. So I had to stick the car in reverse and back up to our drive again (we hadn’t gotten very far).
Isabel was sent off to school on foot – it’s really not that far I only drop her off because it’s sort of on my way to daycare.

Sofia and I went inside and I called Mum. Woke Mum in fact. But she kindly agreed to brave rush hour traffic to town to come pick us up and drop Sofia off at daycare and me at work. (Rickard was on a business trip up North and was due home in the afternoon. He also had a big presentation so I didn’t want to distract him with our troubles, especially since there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.)

Sofia had a sandwich and some soured milk because she would end up missing breakfast at daycare, and the coffee I had made was still warm so I got to have a second cup while we waited.

I ended up only 30 minutes late. Which considering the morning was pretty good.


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