Scrapbooking made easy

I’ve never been good at photo albums. Even worse now that we only take digital pictures and stick them all on a file server – not many pictures actually make it onto paper – even fewer into an album.

I tried taking up scrapbooking a while back but it ended up stuck in a drawer.

So when I read about Project Life and saw the pretty scrap booking like albums made with such little effort I thought I’d give it a try.

Working on a #projectlife binder for the girls. Love this.

I place a pre-order for the new Heather Bailey Project Life kit in September when it was launched but it only arrived in the mail last week.
I have cannibalised our photo albums for pictures and  made a few pages. I have 18 months (2006-2007) that I need to make copies from as well as a few years (2008-2012) that I need to make a selection from and order copies.

I was so hooked I even ordered a second kit to try and make a 2013 album from, with a bit more notes and journalling. The second kit was in stock so I hope it will arrive soon and I won’t have to wait 4 months for this as well.


2 thoughts on “Scrapbooking made easy

  1. It's so pretty, Lotta. I even bought the digital version of this kit after seeing your album. I just started using Project Life about a week ago myself. Love it. I have a regular album put together for 2012 (pics and cards but no journaling yet). I'm doing 2013 digitally. Not as nice, but cheaper and quicker.

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