Dressmaking part 1/?

I finished yet another dress for Sofia today before we headed off to celebrate Easter eve at my parents’.

Pinwheel size 8

The new Pinwheel pattern from Oliver + S looks like a dress with two flounces but is really a slip dress with one flounce layered with a tunic with another flounce.

I really want to try and make the tunic with two flounces but that’s a project for another day.

This one is a bit of a mishmash fabric wise. The flounce on both dress and tunic is a poly cotton blend eyelet that I used to make a ruffle halter dress for Isabel last year for graduation.
The dress is a rather sheer cotton batiste in an off-white colour, too sheer to use on its own unless as nightwear.
The tunic is a white cotton sateen that I bought a huge length of a few months ago. I plan to make one or two Music Class blouses from it as well.

It’s not as soft as the unbleached cotton sateen I used for a Class Picnic dress for Sofia.


That dress has been claimed as a nightie and the only thing I would have liked to do differently on it is the sleeves. They would do well to have been a few inches longer.
But she likes it.


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