Great day for some hiking. Isabel will be gone all day. #hiking #kidsfreemorning

Isabel and Sofia went hiking on Saturday. Sofia’s group (The Frogs) are gone from 9:30 am  – 1:20 pm and Isabel’s group (The Foxes) leaves at the same time and usually gets back around 3:45 pm.

I went hiking as a child as well. The organisation is called Friluftsfrämjandet (Association for the promotion of outdoor living – roughly translated) and it is a co-ed organisation. I started in Mulle at 5 years old and progressed through the different age groups until I quit at 14 years old.

There are similarities with the Scouts, but it is less organised. They only meet for 7-8 times in Spring and Fall, and only on weekends. No regular meetings in the weeks and no badges.

Both Isabel and Sofia started when they were 1 year old in the first age group available. Which meant 1 hour in a park with parents present. Sofia will stay in her group another year and move up to the one Isabel is in now once she turns 7 next year.

Isabel will probably stay in her group another two years. I think they move up to the next age group at 11 years old. That group gets a lot more say in what activities they do. They have more sleep-overs and more adventurous activities – canoeing, rock climbing, longer walks. All to prepare for a week long trip to the North of Sweden to go hiking in Fjällen (the Scandinavian mountain range).

I quit just before our trip to Fjällen, which I sort of regret today. I was 14 – I worried about getting my period while we were away. Silly I know.

They both love being away and come home smelling of wood smoke and forest.


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