Making sure the Tooth Fairy finds it and knows whose it is. #toothwatch2013

Sofia lost her first tooth this week. It had been sitting at an odd angle for weeks and the new tooth was coming up behind it at an even odder angle.

The dentist had a look and said it looked weird now but not to worry, it would adjust and fall into its correct place once the baby tooth was out.

And we waited and waited until this week when I grew tired of it and asked Sofia if she would let me try and pull it out. She jumped at the chance and I took a piece of tissue to get a better grip around the tooth and twisted it a little and it fell out.

She has the most adorable little gap in her teeth now and she has that distinctive lisp kids get when a tooth is out.

We had a chat about the Tooth Fairy – I had no idea she knew so much about it – and she ended up putting the tooth in a glass of water with a note attached to make sure the Tooth Fairy knew it was hers.

In the morning there was a golden coin waiting for her and the tooth was still in the glass – just like she said it would be.

Now we’re just waiting for the other bottom front tooth to fall since that new tooth has also come in already.


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