#attic2013 – progress is definitely made


Our attic project is going well. This past weekend Rickard and my FIL put in the tubes or pipes for the electrical cables and pulled all the wires through in preparation for a visit from an electrician.

Before we can book one we need to put in the drywall and we had a bit of a problem. The sheets are 90×250 cm and our stairs were too narrow and too spirally to fit them easily.
One sheet also weighed so much it would be very tiresome and time-consuming to take them up that way.

We could have taken then in through the balcony on our second floor and then brought them up to the third but it would still take too long.

So we have booked a huge vehicle that will hoist the pallets of drywall up to our third floor window which is wide enough to pull the sheets through, one by one, if we angle them a little.

That vehicle will come tomorrow and I am both happy and a little sad that I won’t be home to see it. I hope Rickard will take the time to take a few pictures of it because I think it will be epic.

Yesterday after all the wires were properly pulled through Rickard and his dad tidied up in the attic and it looks really nice already.
The rooms will be plenty big for the girls and the little hallway and walk-in-closet we put in will be just big enough.

I can’t wait to get to the painting stage. The girls have elaborate wishes for wall colours and we hope to meet them half way.


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