Busy weekend

We spent the weekend driving to and from activities and drop-offs and pick-ups and in-between it all we were trying to get some work done on the 3rd floor.

We finished the felt layer in the closet and with a lot of stops and starts we got almost all of the vertical walls (as in non slanted walls) in Sofia’s room done. There is one piece on one of the gable walls that needs filling in and then we can get started on the slanted walls as well.

However, this coming weekend the girls will stay with their grandparents because it’s supposed to be our weekend “off”. We’ll see if we can’t get some stuff done before going to town for dinner and a movie – which may end up being take-out and some television on the couch.

The felt layer was a bit fiddly but once we figured out an approach it went together very quickly, and since the felt is 1 meter wide it fills up fast. We need to put up 7 lengths on the slanted walls to cover the whole thing. Not so bad.

We still have the hall, stairwell and Isabel’s room left and with the speed we’re going at it won’t be done before October.

I suppose we could break our principle not to do work up there during the week just to get ahead. However the firm Rickard works for starts its yearly “educational new products”-tour this week and he will be gone twice this week, two nights next week, three or four nights the week after etc, which just illustrates the reason we want to keep the weeks free of attic work.


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