Sofia’s Fairy Tale

I have been meaning to blog this dress for months. As in since last Christmas when I made it for her.


It’s an Oliver + S Fairy Tale dress made up in baby cord, with a polycotton dotted lining in the bodice and acetate lining in the skirt.


The front bodice is cut in two pieces on the bias and to prevent that seam stretching I underlined the front bodice in a silk organza (yes for real). It doesn’t show up very well in this picture.


I found that wide, chunky lace at the florist’s of all places and I just knew I had to use it somehow in this dress.

The dress has been well loved, and the handsewn lace and lining is coming off in places after going through the wash so many times. I really should give it a touch up but I don’t think it will fit her for very much longer so I daly.


This is sadly the only picture I can find of her wearing it from last year. I ironed it just now since I was taking pictures of it so maybe she’ll put it on tomorrow.


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