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Other places I’ve been online

I have an awesome circle of friends I’ve met online. Most of them I met at the Oliver + S discussion forums. Over time we have come to get to know each other well and share in our successes and tribulations, both in regards to sewing and life in general. We’ve seen our kids grow up through the pictures we share and I feel as close to them as any “IRL”-friend I’ve ever had.

A few weeks ago a question popped up on the O+S forums asking if it was possible to alter a dress with a buttoned back to a zippered back (specifically the new Library dress) and I replied with how I would do it.

We all talked for a bit and it soon became clear that it wasn’t as straight forward to explain as I had thought. Liesl, the owner and designer of Oliver + S suggested that a tutorial might be needed and I ended up volunteering to write it and this week she posted it on the blog.

I work as a technical writer during the day and writing the tutorial was a lot like writing a technical manual – but with a more interesting (to me) topic. The company I work for designs and manufactures machines for the food and beverage industry. And while that is interesting in a way, I do find it more appealing to write about sewing and sewing techniques than about belts and frequency inverters.

You can read my tutorial here.


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