Stuck in a rut

It’s been a few quiet weeks on the blog – I’m not sure what I’ve been up to. Cross stitching mostly.


I found a fun shop with loads of pop culture cross stitching as well as a few sweet patterns of gingerbread houses and Easter bunny houses. I have bought a quite heroic quantity of DMC floss to make them all. I spent some of last night organising the floss onto bobbins in a quite nifty plastic case. Continuing that tonight – though I’d much rather be stitching.

I have plans to make a shirt for Rickard (fabric bought and everything I’m just waiting for some interfacing for cuffs and collar), pillowcases and dresses for the girlies.

Speaking of dresses – did you see the new Oliver + S patterns that were released this week? I bought the Hide and Seek dress for Sofia. I’m thinking Easter dress.
For Isabel I got the Lady Skater from Kitschycoo and I made a toile that was too big then I lost momentum because I didn’t have any more knit to make a second toile.

I have plans to get something started tonight when Sofia brings a friend home but I’m not betting on it.


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