Getting stuff done

I decided to get a few things off my desk so after dinner I started sewing the Lady Skater for Isabel.

I had measure her and according to the size table she needed a size 5 so I made a muslin for her that turned out too big in the armscyes. So I sized down to a size 4 in the upper body and kept the size 5 in length.

The second muslin looked better so I cut into the good stuff and got sewing.

And yeah – while it fit well in the upper body – a tad large perhaps – the length was way off. The waist seam was somewhere around her lower hips so I hacked off 4 ” on the length and managed to sew the skirt back on. My painstakingly attached clear elastic was among the stuff that got trashed.


Well, she tried it on after I sewed the skirt back on and it looks really nice. When I make it again I need to add an inch to the front centre compared to what I have here, and maybe raise the back seam a little – she has a bit of a sway back.

I posted the picture to Instagram and Amanda of Kitschycoo was the sweetest ever and helped me troubleshoot what size to try next time. I think I may have been way off.

I need to find some more knit – I think I have a grey stripe I can try on – or maybe I should just raid my husband’s closet for more tees to begin with?

Next up: Hide-and-Seek for Sofia.


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