Too many things going on


I opened up my webshop again this weekend. The weather was nice so I managed to get some ok pictures to use on the site.

My back also played nice and I was able to go to the sewing fair I had planned. I came home with four nice cuts of cotton jersey for a dress for Isabel, some hats and a top for me (maybe).


Once back home I took advantage of a few childfree hours to do some cutting out. I got the Lady Skater cut for Isabel (yes she is that tall), the yoke on a Hide-and-Seek dress cut for Sofia so I can do some embroidery, and I cut out a cuff and a half sleeve to try out some new interfacing I bought in prep for making a shirt for Rickard.

Did I get to the bookkeeping? If your guess is No then you are correct.

Maybe tonight – I feel like I have too many projects lined up right now – I should focus on one to get them ticked off.

Speaking of ticked off – Have you seen this? – I am so trying that.


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