Funerals, parties and road trips

Last week raced by in a blur and ended on the Friday with a funeral and a dissertation party.

My grandmother’s brother T had passed away in February and we had his funeral on Friday. It was as funerals are with one exception. Just as the bells had stopped ringing and the minister was about to start the fire alarm went off and we had to exit the church.
We only had to wait 10 minutes but it felt really weird to just leave the casket in there and go outside. Once back inside though the service went off without a hitch.
We assembled near where T and my grandmother had grown up at a nice coffee place for a meal together.

Later in the evening I had a dissertation party to go to. Rickard’s brother M had defended his thesis earlier in the day and we were invited to celebrate with him and his fiancée.
It was fun but after the funeral in the morning I felt rather glum and it was nice to come back home and go to bed.


The next morning Rickard and I got up early and drove 100 km to a place in Rinkaby that sells fabric. The girls were at my parents’ so it was just the two of us. It was a nice road trip and I brought a pretty stack of fabric home with me.

It’s all jersey knits except for the grey fabric on top which is a sweatshirt jersey with a flossed inside. So cuddly. It’s earmarked for a hoodie for Isabel. The blue polka dot at the bottom is for a new Lady Skater for Isabel.

I haven’t had a chance to get started on the sewing because the evenings have been full but I’m holding out hope for tonight or tomorrow to be free.


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