Friday afternoon

She finally took out the other loose one. #hopingthetoothfairyturnsup

Smoothies and Belgian waffles for #mellis for the little ones today.


I get out of the office at 1 pm on Fridays and the girls quit school at 1:40 pm. Sometimes I pick them up and sometimes they walk home together.

If they walk home, I like to have a fun afternoon snack ready when they get there and since I don’t eat lunch at the office on Fridays (or I would have gotten out at 1:30 pm) I combine it with my lunch at home.

This Friday however I wasn’t feeling like having any lunch so I just made myself coffee and started preparing smoothies for the girls. A few weeks ago I made a huge batch of Belgian waffles and froze half of them, these were the last two from that batch – time to make another I think.

Sofia had pulled her own front tooth out. It was hanging on by a string and the new tooth is actually out already so I wasn’t surprised when she showed me the gap and the tooth.

That night the tooth fairy was either short on change or you actually do get double if you pull your tooth yourself.

(Pictures are all from my Instagram-feed: http://instagram.com/lattemama )


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