This weekend was the yearly running competition for children aged 2-12, Kalvinknatet. It’s arranged by the local dairy company and promotes physical activities and well-being to children.

Kids aged 2-5 runs 440 m, Preschoolers run 700 m and grade 1-5 run 1500 m (just under a mile).

Friday and Saturday were both nice and sunny days but the forecast for Sunday when the race was held did not look good. Sunday morning started out well with sunny skies but as 1 pm rolled around the skies opened and it started to rain.

Sofia’s race started at 2 pm and she looked a bit hesitant to running in the rain without a rain coat, but still determined to run. She finished at 6 minutes and was soaked through up to her knees when she crossed the finish line.

We dried her off and walked back to our car to hide out until Isabel’s race started at 4 pm. I had made us some lunch and we didn’t feel like eating it in the rain.
While we ate the skies cleared a bit and it looked promising but just as we prepared to leave to be on time for Isabel’s race the rain picked up again and came down as hard as ever.


Isabel finished her race but didn’t get a time as her race slip with her start number on it didn’t have a chip for timing her. We only noticed that late on Sunday night after I checked and re-checked the results lists.


They were rightfully pleased with themselves and asked for pizza for supper and a movie so we finished the day with dinner in front of the telly watching Avengers together.


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