Rickard has not been feeling well over the past week. He’s felt feverish on and off and had weird pains in his left leg and then in his left arm that came and went.

On Friday evening, at his brother’s wedding reception he started having pains in his arm again and we left early. Once home he couldn’t sleep for the pain and finally at 1 am he agreed to go to the emergency room to have them look at him. Since the pain was in his left arm and leg I started worrying about blood clots moving around and that is never good. I’m not normally the worrying kind, but it felt scary.

At the ER he was brought in fairly quickly – it seemed like a quiet night despite it being a national holiday – and they drew blood and did an echo on him which all came back fine.
He was given a bed in a room and told to wait for the doctor – so we waited. And waited. Eventually he fell asleep and I was stuck in a plastic chair with just my telephone for entertainment so I read a book from my Kindle-library.

Finally, at 5:30 am the doctor rushed in and woke Rickard up. By then the pain had gone away and the doctor said he couldn’t do much so we were sent home.

On Sunday I saw Rickard had a huge bruise on the back of his leg, and the pain in his arm was back and he spiked a high fever on and off. He also started to develop a neck and jaw pain, so we agreed that he should go to the regular clinic on Monday morning.

The nurse there took one look at his bruise and listened to his symptoms and said she was about 100 % sure it was Lyme’s disease. Which is bad enough – but at least it’s not going to cause a sudden pulmonary embolism.

He got a prescription of penicillin so he should be fine in a week.

Right now he’s home – watching The Tick.



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