A while back we skipped the country and went to Crete for a week. Same place we went last year. The girls liked it a lot and so did we, so we booked another week at the same hotel.


We didn’t get the same room (although the girls were keeping their fingers crossed) but the one we got was excellent as well.


We spent the first few days at the hotel pool (practising water acrobatics), because my injured knee didn’t like the combination of a 12 hour sewing session just before we left, 3 hours on a plane and 1 hour on a bus. My ankles swelled up and the knee was hurting so much I may have shed a tear.

But after a dose of diclofenac and paracetamol and a good night’s sleep (well, as good as it gets on those hard mattresses) I was good to go. The hotel has three pool areas and we lived next to the one furthest from the street which makes it a very peaceful place – when the tween bathers aren’t around for water games.

Isabel and Sofia was gifted two air mattresses on the first day by hotel guests who were going home and they had a blast with those. They used the ice cream money grandpa and grandma gave them to buy a set of fins and goggles and a snorkel on the third day and they both got really good at swimming with the fins, pretending they were mermaids probably.


Just as last year we rented a car but this time we skipped Knossos and drove to Chania on Monday and to Elafonissi on Tuesday. Rickard and I love Elafonissi – the girls were a bit Meh about it – mostly because it takes almost 2 hours to get there on small mountain roads.
This year the weather was better there – it was still windy but this time the breeze was warm and not strong enough to blaster us with sand. The water is so salty it gives so much buoyancy I could have floated there all day. But Isabel wanted to get home so we left at 2 pm and had lunch at the same lovely tavern as we did last year. Their Greek salad is twice as big as the ones in Platanias and cost as much.


We had plans to use the car on our third free day (they had an offer of rent it for two or more days and get one day free) but we decided not to leave the hotel at all that day. Well, until we had to venture out to find dinner.

Thursday was “going home”-day and the bus wasn’t picking us up until 7 pm so we had a full day at the hotel – but without the benefit of a room with a/c or a private shower. Isabel refused to bathe and spent the whole day getting more and more grumpy on a sunbed by the pool. Sofia was practising swimming under water all day and by the time we had to get ready for dinner she could almost swim the length of the pool on one breath. The width of the pool she had already mastered by then.


The hotel provided shower rooms so we could wash off the sunscreen and chlorine and change into fresh clothes – unfortunately we had to do it around 5 pm when it was still 30C so we got sweaty pretty quickly again.

We had dinner at 5:30 pm and lounged around until the bus showed up at 7:10 pm to take us to the airport. It was supposed to be a quick journey home but it took an age … The flight was delayed from Copenhagen and left Chania 45 minutes late. The bags took forever to get sorted and once we had everything the train had left and the next one wasn’t due for another hour.

We were home at 4 am and by 4:15 we were all in bed and asleep.


We have plans to return next year. But I think we’ll pick a new hotel then.


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