Keep It Together


Ever since I first saw the Sew Together bag in the blogosphere I’ve been wanting to make one. And this weekend I finally tackled all the cutting out that needed to be done.

The pattern isn’t complicated but I often find just starting to gather all the supplies can be a huge hurdle for me.

I had bought yardage of nylon zippers and could cut it to length. I also had interfacing for the pocket linings at home which is another of those things I’m usually short on. It took a while to cut all the pieces out. Then I had to decide on how to embellish the outside.


Once everything was prepped I sat down to sew it. I followed a sew-along for some visual help. The instructions are good with the pattern but there were a few places where the sew-along helped a lot.

Isabel looked at the finished thing for a few seconds before asking me to make one for her.
So at least one more is on the to-make list.

Once the bag was finished I decide I needed a new lanyard for my keys, and why not make a matching one?


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