Yarr harr matey


Earlier this spring Sofia was prescribed glasses and an eye patch to correct her bad vision.

We’ve been using adhesive patches ever since and they have worked well, but maybe the warm weather we’ve had this summer gave her a reaction because a few weeks ago I noticed that she got a bit of a rash from the adhesive. So I dug up a tutorial I found at Amanda‘s and sewed up three patches for Sofia.

She brought one with her to camp and was very happy to be able to alternate between the adhesive patches and the fabric one.


I muddled up the print direction on the first one. Amanda’s directions had you put the patch on upside down to what the adhesive ones said.

She suggested using flannel for the inside and canvas as a middle layer but I had neither. Instead I used craft felt on the inside and a piece of my old jeans as a middle layer to keep the light out.

Sofia is well pleased with her pirate patches. I just hope her eye dr approves of them and that we can see an improvement on Tuesday when we go in for a check-up.


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