Sofia inherited this dress from Isabel last year.
She’s worn it a lot this summer with the high temps we’ve been having. It’s been a perfect summery dress.

Then a few weeks ago Sofia was playing upstairs when she accidentally tore it in the back.

I was a bit unsure on how to fix it and asked around.

The general consensus was to iron on some interfacing on the inside and them do some satin stitching on the outside.


So that’s what I did.

While I was mending I noticed that some of the stitching had come loose so I did a top stitch around the entire perimeter.

Good to go. Now if the summer temps could come back for a few more days she would get a few more uses out of it.


3 thoughts on “Mended

    1. I loathe mending as well and it’s been hanging on my wall for weeks, shaming me. It felt good to be able to move it to a different pile (my ever growing laundry pile 😉 )

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