Did you bring your towel?

Two years ago when Isabel borrowed and lost my favourite towel in PE-class I made her a personalised towel. So, now that Sofia started first grade I thought I would be a bit pro-active and make her one as well before getting another favourite towel lost in the depths of the PE-changing rooms. (Btw – I never got that towel back).


I found a fun, but not overcomplicated font on my computer and scaled it up to fit a charm square (I have loads of those). Sofia picked out five of those And I ironed on some interfacing to stiffen them up and then I cut out the letters, pinned them to the towel and satin stitched all around the edges.

With the one I made Isabel I just eye-balled placement but this time I actually measured out from the middle and made sure the letters were level.

When Isabel saw the result she asked if she could get a new one as well. Luckily I had anticipated this and printed out Isabel’s letters as well (go me!), and I happened to have an extra towel to do it to (woo hoo!).


I found some ombre yardage that I cut out the letters from. In her case I used spray on adhesive (normally used for spray basting batting and quilt tops) to affix the letters – 1/10, would not recommend. Where the spray got on the towel but wasn’t covered by the letter it stuck to my presser foot, and made sewing it down a real pain. Maybe if I had sprayed on the back of the letters before putting them on the towel – but I was worried it would make even placement difficult.

Both girls were very pleased and the towels are packed today as Sofia starts her school week with an hour of PE-class directly in the morning and then Isabel’s class has PE just before lunch on Mondays. I’m sure they’ll let me know if the towels aren’t up to standard 😉

So long as they don’t use them to hitch a ride with a Vogon space ship …


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