I’m still getting settled in my new sewing room – I know what you’re thinking, it’s been in operation since March – aren’t you settled by now? To which I say No, nope, nay – I’m still learning how I prefer to work and where I want stuff to be.

One of the things I kept cursing over was the bin. I have a pretty bin with a lid so I can hide the trash, but I kept getting annoyed because either it wasn’t near enough or I kept tripping over it or I would throw stuff into it and miss so it ended up on the floor.

Either way it was an annoyance. So I kept thinking about how to optimise it and came up with this solution.


I cleared out one of the drawers and use it for trash, scraps and cut-offs. As long as it’s not full I can close it and the trash is not visible. When it gets full I empty it into a bin bag and take it outside to the recycling bin. Any stray threads that get left behind I can remove with the vacuum.

I have taken to emptying out my smaller trash collectors that I keep by my machines into it as well so they don’t end up full to the brim.

And I no longer trip over the metal bin but can keep that by my desk where I originally intended it to live.


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