Tim in da house


I made Sofia a new hat the other day. I drafted my own pattern and it turned out a bit odd so it needs a bit if a tweak. Should be easy enough.

I made the hat on this beauty.


I had dropped my old serger off for a service and saw this at the store and put it on hold. My old machine was almost worn out – I think it will so for a back-up machine but I doubt I can sell it on.

This new one is also a cover lock machine, meaning I can use it for hemming as well.

I’m calling it Tim.


3 thoughts on “Tim in da house

  1. Tim is just lovely. Please let us know how you feel about changing from serge to coverstitch. I have heard it is difficult. But I sure would like one and don’t have room for so many machines. Having a two-fer would be nice.

    1. Having had it for a while and done the change-over I can honestly say I would wish I had room for two machines. The change is fiddly and it takes time but it’s not difficult after the first two or so times.
      When I make tees and dresses I try to pool my sewing so that I’m up to hemming on everything before I change to coverlock. I don’t want to have to switch back and forth too often.
      My guess is that if I had had two machines I would still be annoyed because the coverlock would have the wrong colour thread or something when I needed to use it.

      Short answer. I love my new machine. The change-over takes time but it’s doable.

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