A Good Tree is Hard to Find

We’ve been undecided on getting a tree this Yule-tide. Both Rickard and I are mildly allergic to them and get a stuffed nose as soon as it comes into the house. But then we both still love the look and feel of a tree so we’ve been waffling about it and haven’t been able to decide.

Isabel couldn’t care less. Sofia would love a tree.

So last night as Rickard was in town waiting for Isabel’s animation class to let out I took Sofia to the grocery store to do the shopping. Outside the store is a tree selling place and I figured what the heck. I can manage a tree as well. It’s just the two of us in the car, I can fold down the back seat and fit a tree in there. With the shopping.

So I told Sofia we would go look at the trees and see what they had. She was skipping along admiring all the pretty trees and said she really wished we could take one home. Do you? I said. YEs she said. Ok then, we’ll do that! I said.

She was so happy and we set about finding a pretty one that would fit our living room.

Then a problem arose.

The salesman was nowhere to be found. We were three families standing around with trees picked out but no one to take our money. As we stood there waiting a man drove up to the tree lot, had a look around, found a tree he liked, then realised no sales person was around to take his voucher. So he put the voucher in the tube where they net the trees, packed his tree in his car and drove away.
The rest of us looked at each other in disbelief and one person stepped up to have a look at the voucher – it was for the cheapest kind of Christmas tree – which he did not chose – and! the voucher wasn’t even valid at this lot!

The nerve of some people.

In the end we had to leave our pretty, pretty tree behind. I think we waited around for close to ten minutes but no one showed up, and the staff at the grocery store had no idea who was in charge of the tree lot. They had nothing to do with it and were not interested in helping out.

Sofia was unimpressed. We drove home to take care of the groceries, and my face was tingling from standing around holding the tree bare handed – I may be more allergic to them than I had originally thought.


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