The New Year Slump

Well, predictably I fell into the New Year Slump during January. Our Christmas vacation was very restful and I miss it now that I’ve been back at work for two weeks.

Even more predictably we have started menu planning again as school started and we both went back to work. We had a long successful run of menu planning in 2010 – I think we kept it up for 17 weeks or something before it tapered off.

This time I am planning meals around the girls’ school lunch menu. In Sweden school lunches are free, and in my girls’ school it is a very varied menu with a daily vegetarian option. But for whatever reason if I plan to make meatballs it often happens to fall on a day they had meatballs in school.
I’m sure there is a way to show that it is not as random and coincidental as I feel it is. (Just as I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation why Rickard and I often have a craving for the same evening meal at the same time – independently (?) of each other).

Anyway. I’ve been binge watching meal prep videos on Youtube (The Domestic Geek and Mind over Munch are my current favourites) to get some ideas for dinners and lunches. (In related news – I ordered mason jars!)

Salads in a Jar, from The Domestic Geek on Youtube ( thedomesticgeek.com )

On Monday night we had eggs, beans and bacon, and I fried up some cavolo nero with salt and pepper, some Dijon mustard and cream. It was so good. The girls almost fought over the last morsels.

After dinner I’m not really sure what happened but I started making pie crust, then I prepared an aluminium tin with the dough and pre-baked it while I chopped up two leeks and mixed some eggs and milk together for a pie filling.
Once the pie crust was filled with leeks, shredded smoked ham, cheese and the egg-mixture I realised I had lots and lots of leeks, eggs and cheese left over so I did some crustless pies – or rather omelettes I guess with the leftovers. And bam! there was lunch done for two days.

While the pie was in the oven I mixed up some ground lamb with an egg, some salt and pepper and some garlic. Then I rolled that into large-ish meat balls, fried them in a Dutch oven so they were sealed all the way around, then poured over a bottle of Mutti Passata di Pomodori (which is just a fancy word for puréed tomatoes), some cream and speasoning and cooked it all until the meatballs were done.
We are having those on Wednesday night with some spaghetti.

The Youtube videos I’ve seen had lots of tips for layered salads in a jar and I am going to try that for next week. There was one with beets and goat cheese, and one Cobb salad with bacon and blue cheese dressing. Yum!


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