Food prep weekend

I’ve been busy all weekend with preparing food for us next week. I like having meals ready to go in the fridge, especially lunch so I don’t have to think too much about it in the morning.

We drove to the market yesterday to buy some veggies and cheese, but since it was so cold we ended up just getting cheese then heading for one a store we know have a great selection of greens and veggies at a great price.


We came home with loads of stuff and I started preparing them. The price and selection at the store is excellent, but the veggies are at their prime and won’t last unless you use them right away.

I got a bunch of red and yellow peppers that I stuffed with cheesy bulgur and some ground meat.


I also steamed some beets and prepared a jar of a beet and chevre salad.


I’m taking that to work for lunch tomorrow, along with a cup of vanilla quark and melon and raspberries.
Some days I get peckish around 2:30 pm and need something to snack on.


I also got two large pieces of broccoli and they were almost past their peak so I cut them up and made a broccoli/potato/carrot soup that we’ll eat tonight.

Finally, I made a double batch of Belgian waffles for the girls to have for snacks or fancy breakfast.


They heat well in the toaster and since they take a while to make I like to do a double batch to make it worth the effort. The recipe must have an error in it. It says the batter makes 4 large waffles. I get 14 from a single batch and since it takes a while to bake them all the batter continue to rise and I usually get around 30 from a double batch.

So, now the fridge is stocked again and all we have to do now is eat it all. Shouldn’t be a problem.


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