We’ve not done much remodelling or rearranging of furniture in a while downstairs. 

The kitchen table has been turned 90 degrees a few times but other than that – and the occasional change/removal of a rug we’ve not changed anything in a long time. 

But now that the attic’s finished (18 months ago) and my studio is done we decided now would be a good time to do something in the living room. 

We started by getting a new kitchen table. 

A round table small enough for us in a week night but still big enough if someone comes over for fika.

If we have friends over for a proper meal we’ll have to use the old kitchen table which has now been upgraded to dining table (it used to be that when we moved in). 

The rest of the living room will get a coat of paint and we have found a new china cabinet we like. Of course we have birthdays and end-of-school activities coming up so we can’t start just yet. 

But as soon as Rickard starts his summer vacation in 2 weeks we’ll get going. 



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