Earlier this summer I posted about us remodeling at home. We bought a new kitchen table and were in the process of painting the living room and getting new cabinets for it. I don’t think I ever posted any pictures of the result.


I love the new cabinets and the side board. They hold so much more than I had anticipated. The door on the left in the side board hold all of our good china – I had to divide that over three cubbies in our old cabinet.

We have plans to buy a projector to replace our tv and that back wall is the perfect size (and colour) to use as a background, which is why there isn’t any art on it. Rickard has found the projector model he wants. We’re mostly waiting for the end-of-year sales to see if we can find it at a good deal. Once the projector is up I would like to switch out the rugs and put the red and blue by the sofa and get a new one in grey or black-and-white for the dining area. It will go much better with the furniture and the chairs (which aren’t pictured above as we bought them after I took this photo).


We will also need to figure out a better sofa table solution as the one we are using isn’t really working. All in good time.

I’m very pleased with the result. The colour turned out just as I had wanted it. It’s white with a pure grey cast. There is a join where the white living room meets the blue kitchen and I would like to paint those walls as well but that will have to wait for another year. It was a lot quicker to paint than I had feared, but it was really hard living with the mess and disruption. I’m not usually bothered by messes but this one took its toll. I was very happy when it was back to normal.


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