Cake stand

Many years ago I bought this kit to make your own cake stand. You got the handle and the matching dividers, screw and washers and a drill bit to drill through ceramics. I’ve wanted to use it for so long but I haven’t been able to find the right plates.

I found one or two plates that I liked but never a full set.


Then last weekend we went to the big shopping mall just to browse and ended up at the Salvation Army’s thrift store. I ran across these three plates on a shelf. Two of them match but the third is different. I don’t mind at all. The smallest one is a little deeper than the rest but I figure it will look nice to use it for sugar cubes or very small cookies.


Rickard drilled through the two lower plates without too much issues but the last dish was made from a different material and destroyed the drill bit. It was so stubborn the drill got so hot it melted. But we got through.

I already have plans to find three more plates so I can switch it up. These will look really nice with my fine coffee china. It’s not the same pattern but it’s the same colour scheme.

I would really like to find something with a pretty colourful flower or fruit motif. I guess I’ll have to keep looking.


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