House of Pestilence – the ’16 edition.

We were all hit with a bug last week one after the other – well, I say all but I mean three fourths of us got hit.

Monday night Sofia went to bed with an achey tummy and woke up two hours later doing what usually happens when you get hit by that particular bug. (On a related note – I had the rug picked up for cleaning on Friday.)

She and I were up every 90 minutes all night so it was pretty nice to take a day off and stay home with her. She slept most of the day and I got to fix up my iTunes library on my new computer (so shiny!)

On Wednesday she was much better and  it was decided she would go back to school on Thursday. Then I woke up during the night feeling a well-known twinge and I realised there might be no more working for me that week. Spoiler alert! There wasn’t.

Saturday was Mello and both Sofia and I were feeling a lot better. We drove to the store and I let the girls stock up on pick-and-mix candy, snacks and some nice dinner before the show aired.
While we were eating dinner Isabel suddenly says she’s not feeling well and left the table and camped out in the bathroom for the rest of the night.

Rickard did his best on the Friday to disinfect any germs that had jumped on him with a liberal application of alcohol, more internally than externally and it seems to have helped.

This week the schools here are out – good timing – who wants to be sick on a holiday?


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