Stand back and throw

2016-07-25 20.36.42-1

I made a super delicious and deceptively easy dessert for us last night.

Creamy vanilla yoghurt, cubed apples fried in butter with cinnamon sugar, lightly toasted (mostly just warmed) marshmallows ad a drizzle of golden syrup on top.

It looks fancy and put-together but I took the very last of the yoghurt because it was past its expiry date, the apples had to be creatively cut to remove all the brown spots. We only had two marshmallows each and then the bag was empty and then the syrup is something I always keep at home.

I would have preferred vanilla ice cream but that was not to be.

Layer in a pretty glass or cup and watch the girls Oooh and Aaaah when they receive one each.


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