Summer 2016


I won’t make any excuses for dropping out since February. Life happens. Since then we’ve all had birthdays and school’s out and we are all on holiday. I have one week left and Rickard has two or three – I forget.


We’ve just returned home from a road trip through the southern half of Sweden. We drove 1200 km north, turned east and drove 1200 km south again. We drove north through Skåne and Halland. Visited family in Bohuslän. Drove on through Västergötland (barely), Dalsland, Värmland and Dalarna before arriving in Härjedalen. Then we turned east to Medelpad and Hälsingland before driving home again through Gästrikland, Uppland, Södermanland, Östergötland, Småland and finally Skåne again.

I think we hit all the southern counties on our journey.

Most of the views we saw made us want to sell our house, quit our jobs and relocate but once we came back to Skåne we all said we’d prefer staying where we are. The other counties might be beautiful and gorgeous but Skåne is home.

2016-07-25 19.20.05

Once back home we have started new home-improvement projects. Sofia’s room got a much needed clear out and now she is working with Rickard to build a new computer desk. We have given in and decided to allow the girls to have computers in their rooms. Not that they have been nagging us. It’s more because we needed the space downstairs where the computer was.

Isabel’s been using it mostly and considers it hers so before we left Rickard set up another computer from old parts that Sofia’s been using as hers. Now they are both moved up to their rooms – only Sofia’s broke just an hour after it was put in place, so today they are going to the recycling place to dump junk from her room and then to the electronics store to find a new harddrive.

I have no plans other than getting started on my mother’s dress that I promised to lengthen for her before we left. I didn’t manage because we were celebrating Isabel’s birthday and I had stuff to do for that – better get started on it now.


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