Celebrating a 12 yo

2016-07-15 11.13.14-2

Before we left on our road trip we celebrated our 12 year-old with a brunch  and cupcakes in the morning and some barbecue and cake in the evening since not all guest could make it in the morning.

I tried to keep the brunch simple but generous. We did yoghurt cups with raspberry sauce and crumbled cookies, baguettes with tuna and baguettes with smoked ham and red pepper pesto, eggs with dill mayo and shrimp, croissants (store bought) and coffee and tea and juice. We ended up with a comfortable amount of left-overs as well.

2016-07-15 13.43.49-1

I made vanilla cupcakes using a recipe from Cupcake Jemma on Youtube. A seriously easy recipe that tastes great. Chocolate frosting was requested and sprinkles.

2016-07-15 19.18.59-1

For cake in the evening I used a vanilla cake recipe from Yolanda Gampp (How To Cake It on Youtube – if you aren’t subscribed to that yet – why not?! She does amazing cakes). The cake works well for filling and decorating but I think I like it best just sliced as it it.

I filled it with whipped cream and cherry preserves. Sprinkles on top.

2016-07-16 09.55.07

Isabel got some lovely flowers that we had to throw out because we were leaving. The cream roses were hung up to dry but the peonies had to go or we would have had a table full of petals when we came back home.

2016-07-17 07.28.27-1

Isabel’s birthday is the same as our wedding anniversary so I asked Rickard to buy some flowers on the morning of the party. Sadly they had to go as well. They looked lovely while they lasted.


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