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Roadtripping – a short one this time

2016-07-30 11.02.52

We drove south east today to have a picnic somewhere along the coast. We hadn’t decided where as we left but we wanted to go somewhere we don’t normally go.

2016-07-30 12.07.53

My father has family out east so I was there rather often as a child. These days when we drive there we have a route that we follow and we wanted to try something different.

So we ended up in Kivik’s Harbour and ate our lunch. It was a bit overcast and there came a few drops of rain but over all it was really nice.

2016-07-30 12.05.26

We decided to drive to Café Olof Viktors to get some cinnamon buns to take home with us but we also wanted to see some more sights where we hadn’t been. So instead of heading west straight away we drove south along the coast, through Skillinge where my father grew up and decided to stop at Kyhl’s Beach.

2016-07-30 13.20.20

We hadn’t brought bathing suits and either way it was a bit chilly – especially in the water so we made do with just a stroll along the beach. Sofia was a bit disappointed with the seashell-hunt.

2016-07-30 13.15.11

Instead we drove on to get those cinnamon buns and head home.

Approximately 5 minutes after Rickard and Isabel were done cleaning out the car of sand and dirt the heavens opened and the rain poured down.


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