New Colours


Rickard and I ordered new beds this summer. They’ll be delivered in late August – so long to wait! But that gave us the push we needed to repaint the bedroom.

When we bought this house in 2007 the builders had painted the grey walls and we did the purple accent wall ourselves. I liked it when we first made it but over the years I grew a bit tired of it. So we chose the same colour for the walls as the one we used downstairs last year.


It’s a white colour with some grey in it. I love it. To make life easier we chose it also because it matched the grey walls that were already in the room because one wall is purple, that would get painted, then there is a wall with a door that we painted and a half wall behind the door that also was freshened up. The rest of that side and the fourth wall are all wardrobes, windows and another door so we decided to be lazy and not paint those.


I like how the new colour works with the old. We have discussed taking out the wardrobes and replacing them with some Elfa-system shelves and crates and do sliding doors instead – the beds end up very close to the wardrobe doors so it would save a lot of space. Maybe we’ll go through with it now that we get new beds, we’ll see.

The paint was pretty much dry last night but we decided not to move the mattresses in after all. We’ll do that tonight. So Rickard slept on a bunk bed in his office, and I took the sofa.
Now the sofa is all well and good to fall asleep, and nap on – but I don’t think I’ll voluntarily sleep on it a whole night ever again.


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