The Never Ending Story

I took a break on the sofa last Saturday and read a book (Lock In by John Scalzi) while I waited for the washer to finish its cycle. The neighbour kids were playing outside on their hoverboard (the kids call it a SwagWay in Sweden) and it kept beeping. It sounded pretty annoying and suspiciously regular for a toy. But whatever.

Cut to me three hours going to investigate why the washer wasn’t done … turns out the beeping wasn’t the hoverboard but the blasted washer sounding the “flood alarm”.

It hadn’t leaked any water (Thank you!) but it didn’t work. At all. And the error code only said to turn off the water and electricity and call a technician. Ominous.

So I booked a repair guy on their website (so convenient, I don’t even have to talk to a real person!) but the first available time was Thursday next week (10 days). Which is a bit long for a washer to be broken. (Never mind that we did laundry every other week when we lived in the flat, but we’re not equipped for that any more. Plus we were due for an Aunt Flo visit as well.)

Anyway. I prodded Rickard to convince him that we needed to buy a new washer but he wanted to hold off a bit (the payment for the new beds are due this month) and have the repair guy come take a look before we decide. Ok. Fine I said. We’ll do that but can we at least look at a new machine?


Welp, Friday afternoon at the white wares store, we end up with a high end machine to be delivered in-store on Tuesday with the added bonus of a plumber bringing it to us (on a still undecided date – it may be even later than Thursday, but who cares?!), installing it and capping the pipes to the faucet we have there now so we can get started on that reno I’ve been dreaming of for the last 5 years.

Double Yay!

This is going to be great!


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