a day in the life



One of the last days before I went back to work we took the train to Copenhagen. It’s such a short train ride – it takes about 20 minutes from Malmö C to Copenhagen C.


The train runs along a 5 mile long bridge starting at the Swedish side, transferring to a 2.5 mile run along a man-made island (named Pepparholm) and plunging into the Öresund into a 2.5 mile tunnel before emerging in Denmark on the Amager island, right next to CPH Airport. We have completely given up using Malmö Airport for international travel because it’s so much easier to get to Denmark from where we live.

As soon as we came out of Copenhagen C the rain started. Luckily it was over after just a few minutes but it meant we had to wait under a roof directly opposite Tivoli and while we stood there both girls suddenly realised that the didn’t want anything more from life than to visit Tivoli right this minute.

Which wasn’t the plan. There was a bit of a sour face coming from them both when we wouldn’t budge, but it passed. Reluctantly.


This helped. Waffle on a stick dipped in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. After lunch.

Rickard took them to Tivoli last week and they agreed it was worth the wait.


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