Candy bag

I’ve been coveting the shoes made by Shoe Bakery since I first saw them. Being on the larger side, feet wise I wouldn’t fit in them but I have been thinking about getting a pair just to keep for show.

But when they designed tote bags based on their ballerina flats I set my sights on one of those instead. They were still a bit pricey so I needed to save up first but last night I picked it up from the post office and it’s just as pretty as the sales pictures.


This is the larger tote bag and in it is my 13″ MacBookPro, two zippered pouches with pens and cords and stuffs, one Filofax and my wallet. It’s pretty stuffed but not uncomfortably so.

It’s not made from leather but some kind of pvc-material and it has a bit of a smell to it but I’m hoping that will air out over the next couple of days.

They have a smaller version of this bag on their site as well and I am sorely tempted to get it but I’m thinking it would be a bit much. Sofia flipped out when she saw it and asked for the smaller version – we’ll see if Santa brings one for her.



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