Laundry room re-do – step 1

Our washing machine died two weeks ago. I thought a broked dishwasher was a bad thing but a broken washer is way (way!) worse. We couldn’t get a repair guy out until ten days later and after discussing it we came to the conclusion that we should just get a new machine instead. The one we had was as old as the house and I was not interested in another saga like the one we lived through with the dishwasher a year ago.


So we bought this beauty! It takes a 16 lbs load and does a 1600 rpm spin cycle and I am in love.

We have planned a re-do of the laundry room for ages (since before we did up the attic) but things always got in the way. Now was the perfect time to get started on it when we had a guy coming to install the new machine anyway. He capped the pipes to the faucet we had in there and we took out the sink and cupboard as well.

The next step is measuring and ordering a counter top to go on top of the machines, a sink to go into the counter top and a new faucet. That’s all in step 2.

To be continued …


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