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Spring and sewing plans

We had an amazing weekend. The sun was out and the temps soared, but today is Tuesday and we’re back to grey skies and low temps.

The girls’ hiking groups have started their new term and this weekend Isabel is going canoeing with a sleep-over in the woods, all in prep for a week long canoeing trip this summer. She’s very excited.

But first up in highly anticipated activities this spring is Kodachicon. A four day convention at a school in Lund with cosplay and games and lots of fun activities for Isabel and her new friends from Kodachikai.
She asked for a genderbent Light from Death Note as her costume and I provided her with a pleated skirt, a white shirt, red tie and a beige blazer. She has also stencilled the Death Note-logo on a black note book and I’m guessing a red apple and a petulant expression will finish off her outfit.
(See our reference picture here: http://bh-s2.azureedge.net/bh-uploads/2017/03/1.jpg )

Next in line is a cosplay outfit for Sofia. She is going to Kodachicon on the day I’m there working and she has asked for something from an anime called Glitter Force (on Netflix). I’m still waiting on material and as I was researching images from Glitter Force I realised I need to alter the pattern I had thought I’d use. It’s not going to work.

Once all the cosplays are out of the way I have a quilt I want to start. I bought a fabric kit for a Lepidoptera-quilt (pattern by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson) and I’m really eager to get started. The fabrics in the kit are the same as in the pattern.


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