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Lepidoptera Quilt in the works

I have started sewing the butterflies together. I suppose I could have done them assembly line style but I kind of like making them one at a time.


The one above is the first finished one. It’s one of the D-butterflies – second largest – and I have to make four of them.


I finished a second one on Saturday and then started a third (the yellow one) on Sunday which is almost half-finished.

I feel very proud that I have managed to keep and match all the points that were supposed to be kept and matched. I have to constantly keep an eye on my seam allowance to make sure it’s not too wide or the block will end up too short or narrow depending on how you look at it.

The linen background is ok to work with. I thought it would be hard to sew through with all the glitter thread but it’s not so bad. It is prone to fraying at the corners though so I have to be careful when marking the diagonal lines.


3 thoughts on “Lepidoptera Quilt in the works

    1. Thank you sweetie! I’m eager to have it finished but also I find that I don’t mind that it will take time. I have even looked into having it professionally quilted once I do finish it.

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