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Movie thoughts: Your Name (Anime)


Yesterday we all went to see Japanese anime at Biograf Spegeln in town. Isabel had been wanting to see it for some time and of course Sofia was interested as well.

We had sort of hoped it would be in English – that would have been easier for Sofia to follow but they only showed it in Japanese with Swedish subtitles which was fine for the rest of us but Sofia’s not a fast enough reader to follow along so she wasn’t thrilled with the movie.

The rest of us liked it. I sort of lost track of the story and it didn’t always make sense (I’m not talking about the Freaky Friday-part of the story) but I still liked it.

It was incredibly well made. The animation was marvelous. I can absolutely understand why it made such a lot of money in Japan – one of the most popular animes of all time there. And it was’t even a Studio Ghibli production.

If it plays in your town I would absolutely recommend a viewing.


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