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Butterfly production

The last week has seen some serious butterfly production. It being Easter and me being off work has certainly helped as well.

There are six models of butterflies in the Lepidoptera quilt and I have finished all four of the D-model. These were the second largest after that big one in the middle and they went together fairly smoothly. There are only a few spots where you have to keep an eye on the seam allowances to make sure you don’t lose a point .

I also finished both model F-butterflies. They were super quick to make and it was the first one I made in the orange colours. I wasn’t overly fond of the shade of orange in the centre prints – the one with the sun burst and the rain drops but once they were all sewn together it all worked very well together.

I have also started sewing the model C-butterflies together. I have two finished out of four. These are a bit more challenging as they have a bunch of points to keep an eye on. It also didn’t help that I made a cutting error that made everything look wrong and weird. Eventually I managed to figure out where I had done wrong and I also managed to save the butterfly and correct it without having to recut any pieces.

I have to be more careful because the fabric is hard to come by.

In all I have eight blocks done. 11 to go.


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