Animation and Fancy Fika

Isabel took animation classes last year and made a short film (1.30 minutes) called How To Take a Bath.

Her teacher sent it in (along with several others) to a local film festival called Pixel that is held in Ystad this weekend.

So after dropping Sofia off for hiking we drove south to see some short animated movies.

Isabel’s movie was shown in the first block of movies and once that was done she asked if we could take a drive and come back in the afternoon instead. So we went to have fika/lunch at one of our favourite places at Österlen – Olof Viktors. They have well stuffed sandwiches and really tasty pastries in their café. The prices are a bit steep but we don’t go there every week so it’s ok for a real treat.


Rickard opted for the chicken and bacon sandwich, Isabel had a sourdough sandwich with smoked pork shoulder and cheese, and I chose the charcuterie sandwich with fennel salami, cured pork shoulder and brie.
For dessert Isabel chose lemon meringue pie and I had their famed carrot cake. It was all so good!

After fika we continued south east to Kåseberga for a stroll in the harbour. It was very windy and if we had had more time I think we may have taken a walk up the hill to the stone circle, Ales Stenar. But time was getting short so we headed back to Ystad in time for the last block of movies and the award ceremony.

Sadly all the four winners were shown in block 2 that we missed but it was fun to see the joy of the winners.

We then headed back home again and arrived at my parents’ just as they came home from picking Sofia up from hiking. She was supposed to take a shower at their place but because of the timing we packed her smelly self up in the car and drove home for showers and a change of clothes so we could head to Rickard’s brother where we were to celebrate the little cousin’s 2nd birthday.

In all a busy day with loads of driving. We were all pretty tired once we came back home. No plans on Sunday felt like a good idea after a day like that.


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