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Skin care DIY


Sofia has developed a keen interest in beauty products. I’m not sure where she gets it from as I don’t exactly use anything. I wash my face with water in the shower and I never wear make up but she is very interested in lip balms and make up.

I do however follow a few US channels on Youtube where they make DIY skin care products and I have been fascinated by it for a long time (it’s just like baking only with less calories), but several reasons have kept me from making much of it myself.

Partly because I don’t use it once it’s made and mainly because it’s so expensive to order the ingredients off Amazon. But recently I found a supplier not only in Sweden, but in town!

They only have their shop open on Fridays and occasionally on Saturdays but they have a well stocked webshop. I had intended to order off their site but last week I took Sofia with me to the store and we bought a diy-lip balm kit that we made straight away.


I’m a sucker for good branding and their graphic profile is so pretty I can’t stay away.

It was so much fun and I’ve been using it this week and I really like it. I have been browsing their recipes and placed a second order to make a few more things. The order will arrive at the post office tomorrow.

We can’t seem to find time to actually do any of the recipes. This week has been fairly busy. We are headed for a long weekend though so I hope we can get one or two things done – and I may have to drive over there on Friday to get some jars and bottles to store the finished products in.

Who knows? I might end up using it as well.


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