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Book store

There is a book store in town that I soon need to be bared from. I cannot go there and not buy a book (or three).

Today I went there to pick up one I had ordered and when I had just paid for it I said to the girl that I needed to order another book that is supposed to come out next week and I gave her the author and title and she said “Is that the one on the shelf over there?”

So I came home with two books today.

Book one is Paul Cornell’s new book “Chalk”. I read the first four chapters of it, he posted them for free online and it was very exciting. And also disturbing.

The second book, the one I wasn’t supposed to buy today is “Paper & Fire” by Rachel Caine.
I read the first in that series last year (“Ink & Bone”) and I have been waiting for book two to be released in paper back. I could have gotten it on Kindle ages ago but I wanted the real thing.

I’m still working on “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern but I think I might finishe it this weekend. Then I have “The Invisible Library” by Genevieve Cogman that I have started which is also good and will be a quick finish once I get to it.

I have managed 25 books so far of my 40 books total. I think I might have to edit my challenge.


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