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Fun in the kitchen


Last week I did some skin care diys with Sofia, but this weekend I’ve made a few on my own.

I’ve been browsing the recipe blog from the product supplier and bookmarked lots and lots of things I want to try. Yesterday I made a few things.

Sofia’s hair tangles so easily so I made a hair oil that I hope will help with that. Her hair is also showing signs of damage from when we brush it so I was hoping some argan oil would help.

The oil is a mix of argan oil, hempseed oil, and broccoli seed oil, as well as a few drops of essential oil for scent and some e-vitamins to preserve it.


The shop sold these cute pre-labelled bottles with a dropper to store it in. They had identical bottles for beard oil which happens to be the same recipe just scented differently.

For the hair oil I chose cloves, ginger, and lemon. We gave it a try last night and it smelled gorgeous. This morning Sofia went swimming so we’ll give it another dose when I brush out her hair.


I also made a face scrub from argan oil, pomegranate seed powder and some yellow clay. I’m going to give it a try today when I get ready for movie night.

While Rickard was away with the girls I mixed up more things so expect a few more posts in this subject.


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