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May Day

Ever since I moved out of my parents’ house I have made them dinner on May Day.

We’ve gone through loads of dishes – in the early years they were often a bit fancier than they are now. This year we decided to take out the Kamado-grill and grill some burgers. To add a little bit of flair I stuffed the burgers with jalapeño cheese and bacon cheese.


See that mustard yellow tube there on the left, just next to the ketchup? That is a spreadable cheese flavoured with hot jalapeño. We have loads of differently flavoured cheese in tubes here, but for this I picked chili and bacon. I don’t think shrimp or crayfish flavoured cheese would work with smoked burgers.

I gave it a shot making my own oven roasted fries but I think I overloaded the oven and made it too steamy in there – I couldn’t get them to roast up. We’ve succeeded before with a smaller amount of potatoes so I’ll give it another go.


For dessert I made a banana cream pie with added chocolate ganache. I worried that the pie crust would get soggy so I made a quick ganache and covered the bottom with it.

Next time I make this I will assemble it an hour before (especially if I make the bottom sog-proof) because the left-over pie set up nicely in the fridge and made it easier to cut. I also think I’ll slice the bananas into coins and cover the whole base with it.

Oh, and that ganache would work better if I made it with milk chocolate instead of bitter sweet chocolate.

Ah well, Sofia asked for one of these for her birthday which is in a month, so I’ll have time to perfect it.


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